As a professional speaker, author, consultant and university instructor, Kathy brings a depth of investigative experience and a great passion for cyber security awareness to your audiences. 
As a keynote speaker, Kathy shares her deep industry knowledge and experience to dramatically increase cyber awareness and cyber security with corporations and associations.


Bulletproof:  A Solid Defence Against Cybercrime

The more you know about – predatory cybercrime – the better decisions you can make. With dedication and commitment, Kathy goes to great lengths to provide — cutting-edge information in her riveting keynote that guarantees you will become bulletproof – online. 

Catch Me If You Can

Why we should be diligent and skeptical on every website, device or platform to ensure that our personal and private information is not being tracked, collected or otherwise placed at risk.

The New Espionage:  The Growing Threat of International Cybercrime

In the world of high stakes – cybercrime, those in business have the MOST to lose. Defenses are required NOW, to protect intellectual property and secure organizations and business owners from organized criminal rings that are stealing critical data and confidential information to gain an advantage.

This riveting keynote shows you the underbelly of cybercrime.  

Digital Professionalism, Awareness, Prevention & Response

Online coercion and sexual exploitation has become increasingly troublesome over the past few years and has grown exponentially because of the pandemic. From a professional standpoint, it is critical to protect our reputation, and safeguard it from damage that can occur when personally identifiable information is shared without consent.

This presentation will focus on the importance of anticipating potential risk with our personally identifiable information. Participants in this session will gain insight into the risks, responses and resources available to deal with online coercion and sexual exploitation. Living in a hyper-virtual world requires being diligent, particularly for women trailblazers starting a business, or entering into any type of a professional career. This session will share strategies to ensure cybersecurity practices are being incorporated into every facet of cyber entrepreneurship.

The Bullet Doesn't Fit the Gun

Why cyberbullying is such a problem in our online community and how should we avoid and respond to online abuse and prevent it from impacting our relationships, emotions, social life and school.

Scams, Cons and Social Engineering

Why social engineering works in the scam and con game and how can we identify those expert emotions that keep getting us into trouble.