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Today, it’s hard to imagine a world without email, the most frequently used communication tool. Because of the wide use of email, hackers often target attachments as one of the most common methods of infection.

  • Learn the importance of keeping a clean machine, recognizing suspicious links, identifying scams and understanding some of the most common schemes criminals use to steal from a network.
  • Learn tips to talk to seniors about protecting themselves from common scams, hacks, and social engineering attacks.
  • Learn how to protect wireless networks from eavesdropping, hacking and freeloading. Learn the risks associated to accessing public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Learn about the ‘underground economy’ an area where hackers share techniques, buy, sell and trade personal information.
  • Learn about new virtual currencies like Bit Coin, e-wallets, and how to reduce risk while conducting online banking and e-shopping.
  • Learn how several high profile hacking cases recently in the news may significantly transform the activities of online users and the future of the Internet.
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