The Bullet Doesn’t Fit the Gun



Cyberbullying is everyone’s business. When children are first allowed access to the Internet, engage in an open discussion about their online activities.  Help to establish rules to encourage them to be cautiously aware at all times and engage in a pro-active and preventative response to cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying involves the use of communications devices such as mobile devices, e-mails and web pages to send nasty, embarrassing, intimidating, or threatening messages to another person.

  • Learn why cyberbullying is more threatening than real-world bullying and how to strategically respond to cyberbullying.
  • Learn how mobile devices and popular apps and websites can be used to cyberbully others.
  • Learn how to detect if your child is cyberbullying and what to do if they are.
  • Learn the law as they relate to cyberbullying, criminal harassment and cyberstalking.
  • Learn about a high-risk online activity called ‘sexting.’ Sexting is known as sending sexually explicit pictures and video via a mobile device.
  • Learn how sexting can easily lead to cyberbullying.
  • Learn how to strategically respond if you learn your child has been involved in sexting.
  • Learn how to promptly remove abusive material or posts that could threaten the personal welfare and reputation of a person.

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