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Online Child Safety

Before your children use the Internet, talk to them about the kinds of things they may see when they are online and discuss the nature of the content they are allowed to access. It is never too early to start talking to children about online safety since they are accessing the Internet from their friend’s house, at school and on their mobile devices.

  • Learn strategies that help create a trusting environment with children so that they feel open to talking without fear of blame and feel support on issues that cause them concern.
  • Learn how to help youth navigate the use privacy settings work to help them control the personally identifying information they share with their friends and others when online.
  • Learn new skills to help kids avoid inadvertent exposure to inappropriate websites when they surf the Internet.
  • Learn the warning signs that a child has developed a potentially dangerous relationship with someone they have met online.
  • Learn about new educational resources that teach youth in a fun, age-appropriate way, the basic rules of Internet safety, ethics, and the healthy use of connected technologies.

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