Bring Kathy to your next lunch and learn or conference for a dynamic presentation on cyber safety and cyber security, privacy, social media, managing your online reputation, and cyber crime prevention.

Game of Phones

Why our mobile devices have extended our ability to communicate with the world from anywhere has our online risk also increased.

Catch Me If You Can

Why we should be diligent and skeptical on every website, device or platform to ensure that our personal and private information is not being tracked, collected or otherwise placed at risk.

I Heard it Through the Hashtag

Why we need to be skeptical, stay diligent, use privacy settings and not overshare personally identifying information in social media.

Planet of the Apps

Why apps are so popular and how can we ensure that we are being selective, responsible and more diligent than ever when downloading  apps.

The Bullet Doesn't Fit the Gun

Why cyberbullying is such a problem in our online community and how should we avoid and respond to online abuse and prevent it from impacting our relationships, emotions, social life and school.

Scams, Cons and Social Engineering

Why social engineering works in the scam and con game and how can we identify those expert emotions that keep getting us into trouble.