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The Iranian-government backed hacker group Parastoo is planning a major cyber attack on Israel this spring, according to U.S. officials.The group announced online Jan. 27 that it is planning a Cyber Intafada for April 4, according to a posting on the website our resistant and fighter groups of all kinds, we are announcing the first organized Cyber Intifada against the Zionist Regime, the group stated.Here we announce that April 4, 2014, during #OPISRAEL2 we will do damage to assassin regime particularly in communication and critical infrastructure sectors, the statemente said. Do not aim at easy and low hanging fruits, aim high and do damage to your target as much as possible and you can always ask us for more? Yes brothers, we do provider certain service for fighters who showed they are serious.Additionally, Parastoo threatened unspecified measures beyond cyber in the attacks, noting that it would post additional details in a separate message.The group said it has launched an online portal. Gateway to our operations and a new underground cyber movement goes through: it is not available for general public yet until tests are done.Among those aligned with Parastoo include, the anarchist gorup Anonymous, Remember Emad Brigades, Ababil, Bosnian Cyber Army, Karbala EW, IbnolJihad, Iranian Cyber Army, Islamic Cyber Army, Cyber Hezbollah, Syrian Electronic Army, Mansooroon, Algerian Hacker, Gaza Security Teams, Ajax Team, TEAMR00T, and AnonGhost.U.S. intelligence agencies believe Parastoo is linked to the Iranian government, based on Iranian state control over the Internet.In the past, Parastoo has threatened Vice President Joe Biden and claimed credit for several major cyber attacks, including penetration of International Atomic Energy Agency networks.Additionally, U.S. officials said the Iranian regime has worked with Parastoo to set up a WikiLeaks-typ website containing intelligence files, including some infected with a virus payload as part of a honeypot operation to lure in unsuspecting users.