I Heard it Through the Hashtag


Social media enables people to chat, interact on many levels and make social plans with friends. Open access to personal information also threatens privacy as others gain access to personal identifying information such as date of birth, address, photos and videos.

It is diligent to manage personal profiles on social media, review what information is public and determine how we want to be seen by the world.

  • Learn how to use privacy settings to manage the amount of personal information revealed to the world.
  • Learn how our contacts can be a threat to privacy and how they may be inadvertently revealing too much when tweeting, posting, or updating without considering the consequences.
  • Learn about the risks of using location-based services and how apps can be used to threaten users.
  • Learn safety tips to reduce risk on online dating and auction websites.
  • Learn some open source investigation techniques to help verify potential online relationships and maintain self-reliance with online interactions.
  • Learn how to minimize the leakage of our personal information for marketing purposes and how unintended audiences such as marketers or predators can easier gain access to pictures, personal information and posts.
  • Learn to understand the complex legal language written in the privacy settings and terms of use agreements and learn why it is important to read the fine print.

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