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It has become somewhat of a tradition for information security vendors to pull out their crystal balls at the end of each year and do their best to predict interesting developments and threats for the coming months. It is also becoming a tradition for the security community to greet those predictions with emotions ranging from skepticism to sarcasm but in doing so we may actually miss out on an opportunity to better anticipate developing risks. That said, we need to watch out for hidden agendas embedded in those predictions of course.Reading through the predictions Im usually left with the impression that they fall into two categories; bound to happen and not a chance. It would be easy to dismiss individual vendor predictions as obvious developments or scaremongering to push an agenda but with increasing numbers of predictions available we now have the option to collect them and look for trends or common themes. Granted, consolidating wild guesses and absurdities from various sources doesnt magically produce accurate predictions. It may give an indication what best to watch out for in the coming year however.